I'm a wife, a mom and a lover of all thing Disney!  My husband is the absolute greatest ever and my babies are proof that I'm definitely doing something right in this life! My family loves the beach, trips to the local comic book stores and kitchen dance parties!  The New England Patriots have a piece of my heart, and I'm pretty sure that chocolate chip ice cream runs through my veins!  I lived in Florida for a decade and it's still part of my soul, so I will likely call you sweetie or ma'am no matter your age.  I love to do yoga, but shopping is my cardio.  I cannot stand still when music is playing, and some of my favorite memories are from high school marching band.  I do not enjoy clutter, it totally stresses me out!  Snapchat filters, the worst ones are the absolute best!  I laugh as often as possible, at most everything.  I love the smell of lilacs in the spring.  I'm a fan of One Tree Hill, the Florida Gators, pepperoni pizza, NSYNC, This Is Us, sour patch kids, leaves changing in the fall, buttercream candles, leggings, kindness and equality.  I'm a crier, a hugger, a Thriver, a lyrical gangster, a self proclaimed fried chicken master, and if you ever hear me say "jeepers" it's because I've been abducted and I'm trying to signal for help!

I have had a camera in my hand since I was in elementary school and have been passionate about capturing moments in photos for as long as I can remember.  In 2011 I decided to step away from my desk job and pursue that passion.  Words cannot begin to express what an honor it has been to be able to capture moments for so many families over the years!  I absolutely love capturing wedding days and I still anticipate them as if they were my own!  I want your day to be absolutely perfect for you and to document every piece of it for you.  I'm a lifestyle photographer and I adore natural light!  I work mostly so that you hardly know that I am there, simply capturing moments as they naturally happened, allowing you to feel less posed and just relax and enjoy your day.  I will definitely capture plenty of traditional images for you and your family to frame but we will also have a fun, stress-free feel throughout the day!  I hope when you look at my work you see joy, warmth, light and love!  I am an international destination wedding photographer and I love to travel!  Bucket list locations would definitely include Hawaii (we LOVED our honeymoon there!), Italy, Greece, and Turks & Caicos!

I think it is super important that we "click", you'll likely be spending more time with me on your wedding day than with anyone else!  So let's chat, I want to hear all about your vision for your day!  Call or email me to set up a time to meet! (774) 482-0031 or kellyp_photog@yahoo.com.